Foto: Arquivo EBC

With information from Lucas Faria, from Rádio Nacional

Thirty-three percent of the country’s psychiatric institutions have serious allegations of human rights violations. Most are cases of rape and gender violence. The data were presented by PGT, the Attorney General’s Office, along with the Federal Council of Psychology, and are part of the national inspection report of psychiatric hospitals, which visited 40 mental health units in the country in 2018.

In 82% of government-inspected institutions, patients with long-term hospitalizations were found. In one of the cases cited by PGT, a 106-year-old woman had been in the same place for over 60 years.

According to Lúcio Costa, expert of the National Mechanism for the Prevention and Combat of Torture, this type of situation is not allowed by law. The president of the Federal Council of Psychology, Rogerio Gianinni, explains that public policies to prevent hospitalization already exist.

It was also found that in all institutions there was at least one case of loss of basic citizen rights. In 45% of the units, there are no basic personal hygiene items, 62% do not have adequate or sufficient food, and 40% deprive the patient of communicating with family members.

In more serious cases, such as rape and physical violence, they will be reported to state and federal authorities for investigation.