Published by Publisher Atheneu, “SUS – Unified Health System – Everything You Need to Know” is a basic and introductory book about SUS. Organized by Professor Jairnilson Paim (ISC / UFBA), the work has an authorial team of 35 collaborators, including professors and researchers responsible for the 19 chapters that make up the publication. The book addresses topics such as infrastructure and system organization, financing, management, service delivery, coverage, public-private relations, current situation, and SUS perspectives.

“The Constitution of Collective Oral Health in Brazil”, by Professor Catharina Matos (ISC / UFBA), is a publication of Edufba – Publisher of the Federal University of Bahia. The work analyzes the socio-historical constitution of Collective Oral Health in Brazil, highlighting the possibilities for the emergence of this social space, as well as the relations of this scope with Collective Health and the Brazilian Health Reform. Critically examining the proposals of Sanitary Dentistry, Preventive and Social Dentistry, Simplified Dentistry and Community Dentistry, the author conducted a documentary research and interviews with agents involved in these movements, struggles and policy formulation.

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  • SUS – Unified Health System – Everything you need to know

  • The Constitution of Collective Oral Health in Brazil

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