In the first chapter of the “Me and ISC” Web Series, the founding teachers explain the process of formation of the UFBA Institute of Collective Health. From the system of chairs to the creation of the ISC in 1994, there were many paths taken to the consolidation of the Institute as an autonomous unit of teaching, research and extension.

The video dedicated to the foundation includes testimonials from professors Sebastião Loureiro, Jairnilson Paim, Carmen Teixeira and Naomar Almeida Filho, as well as photos and documents that help tell the trajectory of the Institute of Collective Health.

The web series is produced by the ISC Audiovisual Laboratory. The script is prepared by journalist Egberto Siqueira, with images and editing by Robério Lopes and videography by Gilson Rabelo, Anannda Meneses and Cath Gomes. In total, 10 videos will be screened, with different themes, from the creation to the main studies that put ISC in the international scenario of collective health.