The UFBA 2019 Research, Teaching and Extension Congress is scheduled to take place from October 29th to 31st. The opening ceremony will be held at the Noble Hall of the Rectory at 5:30 pm on 10/29. The complete schedule can be consulted  on the official website of the event .

The Congress is a space for broadened and in-depth reflection on the University, its inheritances and perspectives and its social role, favoring the establishment of better defined policies for the various dimensions of UFBA. For the 2019 edition, more than 3,600 works were approved and will be presented during the event days.

The program consists of thematic tables – where relevant topics will be discussed from various areas of knowledge, artistic interventions, art exhibitions, photographs, models, products, workshops and other exhibition formats linked to projects.

Congress expects this year’s edition to be the largest ever, surpassing 13,500 participants last year. Of the nearly 10,000 enrolled so far, about 300 are teachers and more than 100 are technical-administrative servers, in addition to the thousands of students.

412 monitors and 109 alternates were selected by the Dean of University Extension (Proext) to volunteer for this edition of the event. They were selected from students regularly enrolled in UFBA undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Those attending the event will be certified by Proext.

Registration for the Congress, which remains open to the general public, can be made through the website: . Entries can also be made even during the event.

The Congress of Research, Teaching and Extension proposes a space for dialogue between the most diverse knowledge produced in the student assistance programs and the promotion of research, extension and teaching at UFBA, joining the movement that reverberated in the institution during the Congresses held in 2016, 2017 and 2018.