Foto: Adema/Governo de Sergipe

Theme: Environmental crime and state of emergency in health: social and environmental impacts of the crude oil spill on the Brazilian coast

Prof. Paulo Gilvane Lopes Pena – Graduate Program in Health, Environment and Work / UFBA

Thais Mara Dias Gomes – Doctoral student at the Institute of Collective Health / UFBA

Eliete Paraguassu – Ilha de Maré Quilombola / National Fishermen’s Association Militant

Profa. Mônica Angelim Gomes de Lima – Postgraduate Program in Health, Environment and Work / UFBA

Date: November 08, 2019 (Friday)
Time: 10 am
Location: Professor Guilherme Rodrigues da Silva Auditorium
Address: Collective Health Institute, Rua Basilio da Gama, s / n, Canela Campus / UFBA, Salvador, Bahia

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