Welcome to the Supplementary Academic Semester 2020!

The Institute of Collective Health (ISC / UFBA) is carefully preparing the activities of the Supplementary Academic Semester 2020! Our team of professors and administrative technicians is mobilized to guarantee the offer of curricular and extracurricular components of teaching, research and extension in the format of online activities, with all the academic excellence that is already the hallmark of the Institute.

Here, on our website, you will have access to the necessary guidelines for the fulfillment of activities throughout the Supplementary Academic Semester 2020. For this, we created special environments dedicated to undergraduate and graduate classes, in addition to a repository with targeted support materials. to the entire academic community. The idea is to bring together, in one place, the main sources of information for teachers, administrative technicians, researchers and students.

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Further information on the Supplementary Academic Semester can be obtained through the UFBA em Movimento Portal ( ufbaemmovimento.ufba.br ).

Pay attention to deadlines!

Enrollments: 08/31 to 09/09 .
Academic Period:  08/09  to  12/18/20 .

Disciplines  offered by ISC

The lists of subjects that will be offered by ISC during the Supplementary Semester 2020 are now available. Check out!

Graduation – Table of subjects

Post-graduation – Framework of disciplines

What is the Supplementary Academic Semester?

In July of this year, the UFBA University Council decided not to resume face-to-face activities in the 2020 calendar year, as it understands that the full accomplishment of research, teaching and extension, the core of university life, presupposes the meeting and circulation of large number of people in restricted spaces, regular pace and intense flow – a condition that, unfortunately, makes schools and universities particularly sensitive to the mass dissemination of Covid-19.

In view of this scenario, UFBA will hold, on an emergency and exceptional basis, the Supplementary Academic Semester (SLS 2020) of online activities, offering curricular and extracurricular components for teaching, research and extension, adapted or specially designed for this format and which can including, when appropriate, be taught jointly by several professors, with students being guaranteed optional membership and termination, as well as subsequent payment of curricular hours.

The expectation is that this action will mobilize all the teaching and technical-administrative staff at UFBA, respecting the different working conditions in the home office regime, internet access and familiarity with technologies and resources of public management and distance education.