Brazil is already approaching 173 thousand deaths caused by Covid-19, according to a survey by the consortium of press vehicles, elaborated based on data from the state health secretariats. The evolution in the number of cases has driven many discussions around a possible second wave of the disease. But what do the scientific evidence and the experts say about it? To discuss the matter, the ObservaCovid project will promote this Tuesday (01), at 10 am, the webinar “Pandemic of Covid-19: do we have a second wave?”.

The session will be broadcast live through the channel of the Instituto de Saúde Coletiva (ISC / UFBA) on YouTube ( ).

Our guests are Maria Yury Ichihara (Cidacs / Fiocruz-BA / Rede CoVida), Eduardo Hage Carmo (UFBA / Fiocruz-BA / Rede CoVida) and Daniel Villela (Procc / Fiocruz-RJ). The debate will be coordinated by Professor Glória Teixeira (ISC / UFBA).

About the ObservaCovid project

ObservaCovid brings together seven subprojects and a wide network of researchers around the task of analyzing health surveillance models, strategies and actions at different levels of care, with a view to reducing exposure to the risk of contamination in the population and in workers health, early case detection and timely referral of patients to specialized and hospital assistance.

The research project was presented to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), based on the concept of health surveillance built at the Collective Health Institute of the Federal University of Bahia (ISC / UFBA) in the last three decades.