With information from Ascom

The administrative and academic activities of the Collective Health Institute (ISC), as well as in the other units of UFBA, will be suspended from 1 pm on the 19th (Wednesday) until the 26th of February, according to the provisions contained in Ordinance nº 0 15 /20 20 issued by the Office of the Rector, taking into account the limitations of access to campuses UFBA in Salvador, determined by Transalvador due to the realization of the festivities of Carnival .

this period, will be allowed access of people to the units of UFBA and vehicles to parking lots in Salvador campuses. Exceptionally, the access of people and vehicles may be authorized exclusively by the heads of academic units and administrative bodies, using their own form. The request must be submitted to the Security Coordination (COSEG) the Dean of Administration (PROAD), until 13 30 the day 14 /02 through the link available in the Security Channel : https: //seguranca.ufba. br / carnival ; After this period, in case of emergency, requests can only be made to PROAD / COSEG, by calling: 3283-6018 / 3283-6043.

At the Ondina campus, access to authorized stres will be made only through the main entrance, while the entry of authorized vehicles will be possible via Rua Caetano Moura, which gives access to the entrance to the Geosciences Institute, subject to the traffic limits defined by TRANSALVADOR.

Owners of authorized vehicles must comply with the opening hours of the campuses’ parking, strictly observing the established deadline: 7 am to 5 pm in the period of 19, 20 and 21 February; from 7 am to 1 pm between February 22 and 25; and from 1 pm to 9 pm on February 26.

According to the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Public Security Secretariat, the parking lot of the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences and part of the building of the Faculty of Economics will be released, exclusively, for the activities of public security agencies and for parking, support and passage of official vehicles and authorized vehicles. The Sports Center area will be released for the activities of public security agencies, and for other activities established or authorized by the Central Administration.

The component units of the University Health System and the Multidisciplinary Health Institute, Anísio Teixeira campus, in Vitória da Conquista (IMS / CAT), must issue their own operating rules for this period.

Restaurants and university residences

The operation of the food service (University Restaurant on the Ondina campus and food distribution points – São Lázaro and Residência Universitária I) will be suspended from 19 to 26 February. During this period, assistance to scholarship holders and residents will follow the procedures established by a specific communiqué issued by the Dean of Affirmative Actions and Student Assistance (PROAE).

In order to guarantee the integrity of the students and the preservation of the patrimony in the university residences, the residents must observe the General Regulation of Service of University Residence of UFBA and follow the guidelines regarding accommodation and the prohibition of commercial activities. 

In situations of urgency and building emergency, the Environment and Infrastructure Superintendence (SUMAI) will guarantee the attendance of building maintenance services, electrical, telephone, CCTV, electronic surveillance, hydraulics and external areas, through a team of professionals who will work in on-call regime.