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The CoVida – Science, Information and Solidarity Network will present on Tuesday, May 12, at 8 pm, the webinar “How to cover the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil?” and support material for communication professionals that includes a guidance document for journalists, a glossary of terms and the “Covid-19 Tools” newsletter. The presentation will feature guests to discuss issues related to coronavirus news coverage.

The webinar “How to cover the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil?” will have the participation of three guests: the president of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji), Marcelo Träsel, who will speak about the use of data in the coverage of Covid-19; Science journalist for Jornal O Globo, Ana Lucia Azevedo, who will address the journalistic routine in covering the pandemic; and the coordinator of Communication and Journalism at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC / Fiocruz), Raquel Aguiar, who will explain the peculiarities of information dissemination in the context of the new coronavirus. The presentation of the material will be made by the journalist and communication researcher at Rede Luciellen Lima. The online event will be mediated by the journalist and communication coordinator at Rede CoVida Raíza Tourinho.

Sign up for the webinar: open.ai/coberturapandemia or watch it on youtube.com/cidacsfiocruz

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The material

The idea of ​​preparing the material arose from the observation of numerous changes in the journalistic routine caused by the pandemic. Several procedures became part of the work in a complex context formed from the advance of Covid-19. It is not just a health issue. It also involves politics, economics, social aspects, science and even mathematics, statistics, graphs and predictions. In addition to working to fight the spread of the virus, the press also fights in the war against disinformation.

The special material for journalists gathers indications for coverage in the Brazilian context, pointing out what should be avoided, when being cautious, which are the best paths to follow and care when analyzing numbers and making comparisons between data from different countries and regions. The material prepared by Rede CoVida also includes prevention guidelines in the work of the press inside and outside newsrooms, bearing in mind that the journalist can be contaminated as well as contaminate people. This information is present in the Guidelines and in the Covid-19 Tools newsletter.

In addition to these items, the Glossary includes more than 70 entries widely used in the context of the pandemic. We know that press professionals are having to deal with a vocabulary full of technical terms and the correct meaning of each one of them is essential in order not to confuse the audience and give the appropriate guidelines. The glossary was prepared with the help of researchers from the CoVida Network.

The complete material is available and in the “press” section on the CoVida website: https://covid19br.org/imprensa/