Dear PPGSC / ISC teachers and students,

We hope everyone is well!

We face yet another difficult time in the country, which adds new challenges to Brazilian graduate and science. Undoubtedly, we can all collaborate on several fronts, strengthening actions based on relevant and reliable information, guided by solidarity, defense of the right to health and protection of life, based on the knowledge and values ​​of collective health. At the same time, one of the greatest measures to control the situation requires everyone to be withdrawn.

As everyone should know, on 03/18/20, the University Council decided to suspend UFBA’s administrative and academic activities indefinitely, in line with the position of strengthening social isolation. This decision was promulgated through Ordinance no. 103/2020 of UFBA, which provides for the maintenance of some activities considered “essential”, without making specific mention to those inherent to postgraduate studies. In order to seek more accurate information, the coordination of the Postgraduate Program in Collective Health (PPGSC) maintained contact with several instances of UFBA and, in particular, with the Dean of Graduate Studies (PROPG).

From these contacts, we were guided to:

• suspend all teaching activities (in person or at a distance), which may constitute
a regular PPGSC offer (even if a posteriori);
• suspend the qualifications and defenses of the courses that make up our Program.

According to PROPG, some defenses may be maintained, in an exceptional situation, provided that they are requested and justified, in advance, through specific bureaucratic procedures, to be observed between the PPG secretariat and PROPG. In such cases, the advisors should, as soon as possible, contact the secretariat, by e-mail, to request more detailed information. If authorized by PROPG, these defenses must occur strictly remotely. In such cases, the PPGSC will advise on the platforms and procedures to be adopted, in agreement with the candidates’ advisors.

We warn that the PPGSC secretariat and its collegiate remain active remotely,
making efforts to maintain the institutional commitments and alerts to the care and restrictions that are necessary at this moment, when we all need to collaborate to slow down our routine activities and thus the spread of the pandemic. Covid-19. As indicated in the recent communication from the ISC / UFBA Board, published on our institutional website, ISC’s digital communication channels and social networks must remain active and up to date. Therefore, it will be important to keep an eye on these channels and, in particular, on e-mail communications, eventually, made by the PPGSC secretariat.

We count on the collaboration and understanding of all!


Coordination of PPGSC / ISC