The challenges to produce and distribute the Anti-Covid vaccine in a country with continental dimensions like Brazil will be discussed in the webinar “Challenges of the production and access of the Anti-Covid vaccine”, promoted by Rede CoVida in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Public Health (Abrasco) and the Brazilian Health Economics Association (Abres). The event takes place this Thursday, July 23, from 4 pm to 6 pm, and concludes  a cycle of three webinars on the anti-Covid vaccine.

To talk about production, the event brings together the president of Fiocruz, Nisia Trindade, and the director of Butantan, Dimas Covas, the research centers responsible for the production and testing of phase 3 of vaccines against Covid-19 with more advanced development in the world, respectively, that of Oxford / AstraZeneca and the Chinese Sinovac. The former coordinator of the National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health, Carla Domingues, familiar with the challenges of distributing the vaccine in the face of Brazilian specificities, concludes the table of presenters of the webinar.

The debate will be on behalf of Abrasco’s vice president, Reinaldo Guimarães, and Érika Aragão, professor at the Collective Health Institute at UFBA and president of Abres. The mediators will be the president of Abrasco, Gulnar Azevedor, and the coordinator of the Center for Data Integration and Knowledge for Health (Cidacs / Fiocruz Bahia) and Rede CoVida, Mauricio Barreto.

The webinar takes place  upon registration by Zoom , with limited spaces, and will be retransmitted  on Cidacs youtube :

Nísia Trindade – President Fiocruz
Dimas Covas – director Instituto Butantan
Carla Domingues – former coordinator of the National Immunization Program (MS)

Reinaldo Guimarães – Vice-president of Abrasco and UFRJ
Érika Aragão – Professor at ISC / UFBA, President of Abres and Rede CoVida

Gulnar Azevedo – President of Abrasco
Mauricio Barreto – Coordinator of Cidacs and Rede CoVida