Approximately 10,000 Bahian households must participate in the PNAD COVID19, a version of the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNADC), carried out by IBGE in partnership with the Ministry of Health. Conducted by telephone, the objective of the research is to show symptoms of covid-19 and the measures taken by those who presented them, in addition to the effects of the pandemic on the Brazilian labor market and in each unit of the Federation.

Across the state of Bahia, approximately 100 interviewers are already calling 2,400 homes per week, spread across 258 municipalities (out of a total of 417). Each household will answer the survey for three consecutive months.

PNAD COVID19 will reveal how many people have had Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing. It will also identify the portion of the population that sought care and in what types of health facilities. For those who did not seek care, it will tell how they treated the symptoms.

In relation to the impacts of the pandemic on the labor market, the survey will make it possible to know, for example, how many people were temporarily removed from work due to quarantine; whether they were formal or informal workers; whether, having been removed from their work, they continued to receive a salary or not; how many had some wage reduction; how many are in telework / home office; how many people stopped looking for jobs because of social isolation, among others.

Across the country, about 2 thousand IBGE research agents make contact by telephone with 193,600 households, distributed in 3,364 municipalities in all states and in the Federal District.

Information security

PNAD COVID19 is the first IBGE household survey entirely planned to be carried out by telephone. The questionnaire is very short, and the interview lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

All information collected by IBGE has its confidentiality guaranteed by law No. 5534/1968, which guarantees statistical confidentiality and prohibits the data from being transmitted in an individualized / identified way to any public or private institution, including the police and the Justice.

Whoever receives the call will be able to confirm the identity of the collection agent through the Responding to IBGE website (, informing the interviewer’s registration, RG or CPF, or by calling 0800 721 8181.