Horário especial: das 7h30 às 13h30, de 06/01 a 18/02

With information from Ascom / UFBA

The Federal University of Bahia will operate during special hours, from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm, from January 6 to February 18, 2020, during the recess period between the semesters.

The purpose of the measure is to reduce the University’s costing expenses, especially those related to electricity consumption, in a scenario of accumulated budget mismatch – which should not be readjusted in relation to 2019 in 2020 – and uncertainties. about its execution. In order to minimize damage to the university community, the period of recess is used, when there is usually a slowdown in the demands of academic and administrative services, while preserving the functioning of activities considered essential, according to the evaluation of organs and units.

Regulated by Ordinance 176, of December 12, 2019, the decision was taken by the central administration observing the significant savings achieved by Ordinances 082, of June 26, which reduced working hours in the recess of July; and 124, of September 24, which established, with the approval of the university council, a series of cost-containment actions, including the shutdown of air conditioners.

The analysis of UFBA energy bills throughout the year revealed that there was an 18.2% reduction in consumption, comparing the monthly average in the January-June period with the monthly average in the July-October period – that is, before and after. of the validity of the ordinances. This reduction is due, therefore, to the measures established by the two ordinances, which had complementary effects, and to the participation of the leaders and the entire university community.

The adoption of a new ordinance in this sense is justified for two fundamental reasons. The first is the well-known budget gap that the set of federal universities has been facing over the last few years, which makes the amount allocated to the University’s cost less than necessary to cope with the increase in expenses resulting from its expansion, despite the many efforts of contract optimization and rationalization of consumption by the central administration. The second is the possibility of a new budget contingency of around 30%, a percentage of the UFBA budget included in the proposed Annual Budget Law 2020 (PLOA) as “under parliamentary oversight”.

Ordinance 176 preserves the holding of competitions, courses and research and extension events already scheduled and that cannot be rescheduled for the special time. Also exceptions are laboratories that perform essential research and services that cannot be interrupted, as well as the provision of information technology services.

Another exception is the University Restaurant (UK), which will not cease to serve students. The UK and meal distribution points will operate at a time to be set by the Dean of Student Assistance and Affirmative Actions, as is already the case in recess periods. Campus security services will also maintain normal hours.