With the objective of contributing to the dissemination of reliable information and combating “fakenews”, the Net-Escola project, from the UFBA Institute of Collective Health,  created a navigation map on the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) . The tool gathers guidelines from official institutions, teaching, research, management of the Unified Health System (SUS) and actions to combat the pandemic in one place.

When opening the map, the Internet user will have access to general information about Covid-19 organized from nine components: “What is it”, “How to recognize it”, “Who is most at risk”, “Main guidelines”, “How to take care in health services “,” Communication “,” What is known “,” Importance of SUS “and” Existing cases “.

Through the hypertext language, each of these components unfolds into other categorized content, which refers to several new links, allowing users to navigate based on their main interests.

Internet users can also collaborate to build the tool by sending suggestions and links to the Net-Escola team (e-mail:  netescol@ufba.br ).

To see the new map, click here .

About the Net-Escola project

On the air since 2005, the Net-School project of the UFBA Institute of Collective Health is a virtual space that enables the democratization of information and knowledge in the area of ​​Collective Health through the axes of teaching, research, extension and technical cooperation.

The tool launched now integrates the component “Navegar é Preciso”, which provides platform users with fast and secure access to various navigation maps produced by specialists in the field.