The arrival of winter is usually accompanied by an increase in cases of influenza and other respiratory problems in Brazil. This year, the risk may be even greater, as the impact of the colder season on the spread of the new coronavirus is unknown. To discuss the matter, Rede CoVida receives the former Secretary of Health Surveillance (SVS / MS), Wanderson Oliveira, in a webinar with a Covid-19 theme  in the Southern Hemisphere . The broadcast will be on Tuesday, June 23, at 4pm.

Oliveira is an epidemiologist and has extensive experience in epidemiological surveillance and public health, having integrated the Zika Platform, of Cidacs / Fiocruz Bahia, in addition to participating in the national response to the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic (Covid-19), response to the Brumadinho Disaster and the Reemergence of Measles as a public health problem.

The debate will be mediated by researcher Mauricio Barreto, one of the coordinators of the Network. The public can participate by signing up (limited spaces) on the site  or follow via YouTube:  . The event is an initiative of Rede Covida, Cidacs / Fiocruz  and Ufba .

Webinar: Covid-19 in the Southern Hemisphere 
Speaker: Wanderson Kleber de Oliveira, epidemiologist and former SVS Secretary
When: 23rd at 4 pm
Registration with limited vacancies: