With a maximum post-graduation score at Capes, UFBA’s Collective Health Institute is an international reference in health research. The excellence achieved over 25 years has had a strong contribution from female researchers who have been part of ISC since its foundation. In a special article published this Saturday (10), the newspaper Correio highlights the performance of some of these women who have become a reference in the field of public health through the Institute.

The report, signed by journalist Thaís Borges, presents the three generations of women from ISC, represented, respectively, by teachers Glória Teixeira, Isabela Cardoso and Joilda Nery.

The publication also includes figures that reinforce the majority presence of women in the Institute. They are 73.5% of the faculty and an expressive majority among students. Of the 138 doctoral students, 93 are women – a percentage of 67.5%. In the academic master’s degree, there are 68 women against eight men enrolled, in a proportion of 89.5% of female presence. Even in Public Health, they predominate: of the 195 students enrolled, 131 are women.

Professor Isabela and a group of ISC residents: women are the majority among students and teachers  (Photo: Disclosure / ISC)

“We have a set of extremely productive women, including CNPq productivity fellows (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). They are people with a background in research, teaching, technical cooperation, ”said ISC director, Isabela Cardoso, to the report.

To read the full article and learn more about the performance of some of our researchers, access the link below:

They are excellent: women make health research at UFBA a reference