Foto: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

In the last 90 days, Brazil has registered 3,906 confirmed measles cases in the country, an increase of 17% (567 cases) compared to the last released data (12.09). The data are in the new epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health, released last Thursday (19). Pará has joined the list of 16 states with active transmission of the disease, now totaling 17. With the aim of strengthening immunization actions to control the outbreak and interruption of the measles transmission chain, the folder released this week , a total of $ 10.5 million for states with active outbreak of the disease.

According to the new report, most cases, 97.5%, remain concentrated in 153 municipalities of São Paulo, mainly in the metropolitan region. The current report also presents 20,485 cases under investigation and 4,134 that were discarded. The record of four deaths remains nationwide.

The confirmed cases in this period represent 87% of the total in 2019. Most of the records are in São Paulo (3,807), followed by Rio de Janeiro (19), Pernambuco (15), Minas Gerais (13), Santa Catarina ( 12), Paraná (9), Rio Grande do Sul (7), Maranhão (4), Goiás (4), Rio Grande do Norte (4), Federal District (3), Pará (2), Mato Grosso do Sul ( 2), Piauí (2), Espírito Santo (1), Bahia (1) and Sergipe (1).

Measles is an acute viral disease similar to an upper respiratory tract infection. It is severe, especially in children under five, malnourished and immunosuppressed. The transmission of the virus occurs from droplets of sick people by sneezing, coughing, talking or breathing close to people without immunity against the measles virus.

Although the age group from 20 to 29 years has the highest number of confirmed cases registered, the incidence of cases in children under 1 year is 8 times higher than the general population. It is also in this range that the most severe cases and deaths occur. For every 100,000 inhabitants, 55 children in this age group were confirmed for measles. The second most affected age group is 1 to 4 years. This year, of the four measles deaths recorded, three occurred in children under 1 year of age; and one death in a 42 year old. None of the four cases were vaccinated against the disease.