The Collective Health Institute (ISC / UFBA), facing the pandemic of COVID-19, which is configured as one of the biggest health emergencies in human history, and considering its commitments to:

  • the right to equal health for all and equity in the provision of care;
  • the valorization of health knowledge and scientific knowledge;
  • the promotion of health awareness;
  • and respect for democratic values;

comes to speak publicly in the sense of:

  • To call on all public managers and members of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Powers to fulfill their public responsibility, in actions guided by the relevant scientific evidence to face the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Reinforce the recommendation of isolation, quarantine and social detachment , as the main measure to contain the growth of this pandemic, in line with respect for human rights;
  • Promote solidarity among people , activating community networks, with healthy, creative and protected exchanges of material support and affections, supporting essential care relationships at this time;
  • Defend the strengthening of SUS as a universal health system , essential for overcoming this health emergency and many other public health problems in the country;
  • Support measures of organization, adaptation and expansion of the public health care network , in conjunction with the private health care network, to better act in the identification and early initiation of treatment of COVID-19 cases, without prejudice to the attention to other diseases and health problems;
  • Promote the articulation between the epidemiological and health surveillance bodies , at the municipal, state and federal levels, in order to better achieve their common objectives, aiming at the adoption of the special actions necessary at each moment of this pandemic;
  • Encourage private companies to support prevention and control actions , such as social isolation and worker protection, under their direct responsibility, with the adoption of hygiene protocols and use of personal protective equipment and guarantee of workers’ income, even when prevented from working due to the repercussions of COVID-19;
  • Strengthen social protection systems and policies, with actions aimed at both seriously ill patients of COVID-19 (the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases) and vulnerable populations (people on the streets, in shelter and / or confinement institutions, populations without access to basic sanitation, informal workers, among others), more exposed to the direct and indirect negative impacts of this pandemic;
  • Support the struggle to guarantee the establishment of a minimum citizen’s income  that promotes the dignity of all who live in the national territory, to be established immediately and maintained even after the control of the pandemic;
  • To defend the recomposition of the budgets of the research promotion agencies in the country , in order to produce the best scientific bases of actions in the short, medium and long term, in facing this and other situations (and their causes) that challenge the Brazilian reality and global;
  • Fight for the annulment of Constitutional Amendment 95,  which greatly limited public spending on health and education in the country, ignoring the relevance of these areas for preserving life and expanding social well-being, further weakening society in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic .

ISC suspended administrative and academic activities, in line with the correct guidelines of UFBA, which aim to enable the necessary social distance. The community that makes up this Institute has acted, along with its partners, on several fronts and collaboration networks relevant to facing the pandemic, acting with health awareness and public responsibility.

In the certainty that effective actions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic require the association of broad visions, with a strong sense of shared social responsibility, we salute everyone who has been acting in this way and invite others to join these efforts.

Physical distance and social cohesion!
Equal health for all!

Institute of Collective Health