“Decipher me or I’ll devour you: Rede CoVida and real-time knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic” will be the theme of ISC em Casa next Friday (24). The seminar will include the participation of researcher Maurício Barreto, coordinator of Cidacs / Fiocruz and a member of Rede CoVida, and Glória Teixeira, professor at the Institute of Collective Health (ISC / UFBA).

The debate will be broadcast live, at 10 am, through the ISC’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/labvideoisc).

This will be the sixth virtual seminar held by ISC em Casa, a project that aims to bring information to the community during the period of social isolation.

About CoVida Network

The “Covida Network – Science, Information and Solidarity” is a multidisciplinary and scientific collaboration project focused on the Covid-19 pandemic. The network aims to monitor the pandemic in Brazil, with predictions of its possible evolution. It also aims at producing syntheses of scientific evidence both to support decision-making by health authorities and to inform the general public. It is a joint initiative of Cidacs / Fiocruz and the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), with support from collaborators from other national and international research institutions.