The Institute of Collective Health, following the deliberations of the University Council of the Federal University of Bahia, communicated on 03/18/2020, informs that the academic and administrative activities are suspended, for an indefinite period, in order to preserve the health of our community.

Therefore, in general, all face-to-face activities carried out on the Institute’s premises are canceled, except for exceptions previously communicated and authorized by the Board. We reinforce that teaching activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels (lato sensu and stricto sensu) are suspended and that the Institute’s departments and administrative sectors will not provide face-to-face assistance.

We advise that professors, researchers and employees of the Institute will identify the best ways for essential activities to be kept in operation, in a special regime, preserving, to the maximum, the health of those involved and our institutional commitments.

We also highlight that specific situations related to teaching, research and / or technical cooperation activities will be discussed and guided, in due time and channels, by the respective management bodies.

When necessary, contact should be made through our digital communication channels (homepage, e-mails), social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) of ISC / UFBA, which, as far as possible, will remain updated.

We recall that the strengthening of solidary relationships, broad visions and integrated actions – which characterize the central values ​​and contributions of collective health – are even more necessary at this moment when we face a state of emergency of public health. We count on the collaboration and understanding of all!


Isabela Cardoso de Matos Pinto