Painel Paulo Freire, de autoria do artista Luiz Carlos Cappellano

Share experiences as a source of learning. This is the objective of the Interdisciplinary Meeting “Integrated Practices in Health: Recreating knowledge and producing knowledge”, which will be held next Thursday (4), from 6 pm, in the auditorium of the UFBA Institute of Public Health.

During the event, students of the Graduação em Saúde Coletiva will have the opportunity to discuss with their colleagues, teachers and the community in general the various services developed by them during the first semester of 2019.

“The interdisciplinary activity is the pedagogical resource used for the construction of knowledge, articulating the experiences in the territory with the theoretical offerings of the set of components that integrate each academic semester,” explains Professor Liliana Santos, coordinator of the Graduation in Collective Health.

The meeting is open to the public and admission is free.