An app that helps you map sewage, waste and risk areas for transmission of diseases such as leptospirosis, dengue, zika and chikungunya. A scientific graffiti that brings together natural elements to educate young citizens. These are some of the actions of the Health, Citizenship, Culture and Technology Fair, which will be held this Friday (15), from 9h to 16h, at Marechal Rondon Municipal School.

The event will also feature blood glucose and blood pressure tests, ophthalmology, aesthetic treatment, social, psychological and community advocacy, as well as performances of capoeira, dance and local music groups.

The Health, Citizenship, Culture and Technology Fair is promoted by the Emília Machado Association, which offers training courses to about 200 underprivileged young people from Marechal Rondon with the support of teachers and researchers from the Institute of Collective Health (ISC / UFBA), School UFBA Polytechnic and the Institute of Humanities, Arts and Science (IHAC / UFBA).

Through the project, participants receive training in the areas of citizenship, information technology, mapping, and training in health and environment.


09h – 10h:30

Avatar Workshop: App + Lugar

(Isa Neves – IHAC / UFBA teacher)


10h30 – 12h

Scientific Graphite Workshop

(Geovane Corrêa – graduating in Biology)


13h30 – 15 h

Knowing and fighting mosquitoes

(Romero Nazaré – Biologist and Master in Animal Diversity)


15h – 16h

Workshop + Place

(Murilo Guerreiro – software engineer)


Date: November 15th (Friday)

Location: Marechal Rondon Municipal School, located at the end of the line at Rua Vivente Celestino, in the neighborhood of Marechal Rondon.