With information from Sayonara Moreno, from Rádio Nacional 

A list of work-related illnesses will be updated by the Ministry of Health. But for this, it is important for the population to participate in the public consultation on the subject.

Until February 2, the ministry receives contributions to the formulation of the document that will be adopted from 2020.

This document will guide the professionals of SUS, Unified Health System, regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the lives of workers, in a physical, mental and social way.

The consultation has begun and can be made by  site  Ministry of Health, on the Internet. Reports can be sent from known people or even scientific content.

This revision of the list of occupational diseases is determined by law and enables the monitoring of changes in the workplace that result in damage to workers’ health.

With the list it is also possible to improve the diagnostic procedures and the elaboration of treatment projects.

Other activities have already been undertaken by the ministry to improve this list of occupational diseases. Now, with the public consultation, the folder can analyze contributions and evaluate whether to confirm or modify the list.

Assistance to this type of problem is provided through the National Network of Integral Attention to Occupational Health. Created in 2002, it is a system that integrates the ministry and health departments.