The new edition of “Escuta!”, information bulletin of the Instituto de Saúde Coletiva, is now available. Among the highlights, you can check the full video of the campaign “Julho das Pretas no ISC”, a series of special testimonies recorded by teachers and students who give voice to the struggles and conquests of black women. The production marks the passage of the International Day of Black Latin American and Caribbean Women, celebrated on July 25th.

ISC / UFBA Newsletter: Year 2 – Issue nº 07

The bulletin also includes the most recent studies from ISC / UFBA, such as the research carried out by the team from the Integrated Program for Environmental and Occupational Health (PISAT), which analyzed the profile of fatal victims of work accidents involving motorcycles.

The edition also features the video gallery with tables and discussions held by ISC / UFBA during the UFBA 2020 Virtual Congress, in addition to the complete playlist of the projects “ISC em Casa” and “Encontros Virtuais”.

In the ISC in the Media section, you can follow the main participation of our professors and researchers in reports from all over the country.

The “Escuta!” Issues  are sent directly to ISC students, teachers and staff. If you haven’t received it, just register by sending a message to .

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