Reprodução: CGTN

CGTN America, China’s largest international news network, published on Thursday (13) a special report on Brazil’s efforts to reduce social inequalities in the last 15 years. The article, which highlights the performance of the Bolsa Família program, included the participation of researcher Ramon Andrade de Souza, from the UFBA Institute of Collective Health.

He explained how the program has helped to reduce tuberculosis among the most needy. “The family’s obligation to take their children to see the doctor ends up bringing the whole family closer to health services. Thus, if there is a case of tuberculosis, professionals can detect and start treatment earlier, ”said the researcher.

Ramon Andrade de Souza is responsible for a study published in 2018, which evaluated the tuberculosis mortality coefficients in Brazil between the years 2001 and 2012. The research covers the joint effect of the Family Health Strategy, initiated in 1994, and the Bolsa Família Program, implemented in 2004. Throughout the period evaluated, the number of deaths from the disease decreased by 30% in the country. A total of 5,249 deaths resulting from all forms of tuberculosis were recorded in 2001, dropping to 4,316 in 2012.

In addition to this research, another study led by Professor Joilda Nery (ISC / UFBA) also points to a 15.8% decrease in the incidence of tuberculosis between the years 2004 and 2012. For this result, 2,458 municipalities, responsible for more than 93% of tuberculosis cases diagnosed in Brazil. Thus, the study took into account the initial nine years of the Bolsa Família Program.

Both works were developed through the Integrated Program in Epidemiology and Impact Assessment on the Health of Populations at ISC / UFBA, in the line of research in Epidemiology of Tuberculosis. The studies, consisting of a master’s thesis and doctoral thesis, respectively, were funded by the Ministry of Health, under the coordination of Professor Susan Martins Pereira.

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