Foto: Mateus Pereira/GOVBA

After the end of the elections, the alert for the maximum capacity of hospital beds dedicated to Covid-19 in Bahia arises. The situation is expected to worsen because ICU vacancies will be contested by patients with other serious diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and hypertension, who have postponed treatments due to the new coronavirus. The subject was the subject of a special article in the newspaper Correio published last Saturday (5).

Among the specialists heard in the report, the sanitarian Luis Eugenio de Souza, a professor at the Institute of Collective Health (ISC / UFBA), explained that many elective procedures were postponed or suspended in health units, which allowed greater dedication to the cases of Covid- 19. However, according to the professor, patients with chronic diseases can no longer postpone the procedures and are resuming treatments.

“Even if these procedures are suspended again, it will take time for all beds to be released. Add that many beds have been disabled. It is also necessary to consider that the health professionals who are on the front line are exhausted and it has not been easy to expand the teams ”, said the professor to the report.

Souza also drew attention to the risks of year-end meetings and the arrival of tourists in the summer. “There is news of an increase in demand for hotels and inns, for people on the beaches. Everything you need to increase the transmission of the virus ”, he concluded.

During the peak of the pandemic, Bahia even made 2,600 beds available to serve the population. Part of these vacancies were opened especially for admissions to Covid-19. With the drop in the number of serious cases in recent months, the State has reduced the number of ICU beds by 30%. Last Monday (7), the Secretary of Health of the State, Fábio Vilas-Boas, said that the reopening of 170 ICU beds is planned, being 130 in the capital of Bahia.

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