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The Ethics in Research Committee at the Institute of Collective Health, UFBA (CEP-ISC) was created on 19th March, 2001, in order to meet the demands of research projects by the Institute’s professors, researchers and students, with its operation approved by the National Council for Ethics in Research (CONEP) on 12th November, 2001. CEP-ISC is located on the 2nd floor of the Institute and receives projects for evaluation on a daily basis from 10.00 am to12.00 pm and 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. In order to be accepted for registration at the CEP-ISC office, the research project should contain all of the documents required for documental validation (see the documents required for inclusion in the register below).

CEP-ISC accepts research projects connected to graduate courses and research activities at the Institute. Should the occasion arise, undergraduate research projects may also be evaluated. In exceptional cases, the submission of projects linked to other institutions may be authorized, provided that they are coordinated by researchers accredited by the Graduate Programme in Collective Health.

Students on the Master’s and Doctorate programmes should submit their projects to CEP-ISC following qualification and before effectively starting to collect data. The research schedule should include this recommendation. In the case of qualitative ethnographic studies or others in which a part of the methodological definitions depend on field work, clarification on these specific characteristics should be detailed in the project.

Rua Basílio da Gama, s/n – 2nd floor – 40110-040 – Salvador – Bahia
Opening times: Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
E-mail: cepisc@ufba.br
Tel. (71) 3283-7419

One printed and bound copy comprising the following items is required to submit research projects to CEP-ISC:

  1. Cover Sheetduly completed and signed according to the researcher’s registration on the Ministry of Health’s Plataforma Brasil: http://aplicacao.saude.gov.br/plataformabrasil/login.jsf and director of the institution making the application;
  2. Research Projectwritten in Portuguese and with numbered pages (Arial 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and 2.5cm margins);
  3. Informed Consent Form (TCLE) / Term of Approvalin the form of an invitation with numbered pages. If the research does not need this term, demonstrate the reasons in the format of a declaration (Justification of Absence);
  4. Detailed Financial Budget indicating the researcher’s payment and specifying the financing sources. If they are your own resources, demonstrate this in the format of a declaration;
  5. Schedulefor executing the research, detailing the month and year;
  6. Lattes Curriculum for the main researcher and other researchers, including the adviser, whether from undergraduate or graduate courses, providing the respective links to access the Lattes platform (NB: the links for all of the researchers involved should be listed on the last page of the Research Project);
  7. Institution and Infrastructure Declaration inserting authorization to execute the research to be performed at the institution or similar.
  8. Declaration of Handling Biological/Biorepository/ Biobank Material, if applicable to the research project.
  9. If the research is being executed with international cooperation, explain the relationship with the other institutions, if biological material will be sent abroad.


The Project Abstract (in Word, maximum of 300 words) should be sent to the CEP email address (cepisc@ufba.br), duly identified with the main researcher’s name. Documentation does not need to be attached. (Model available for download).

Please note:

The projects should contain the ethical aspects item, which are the researcher’s thoughts on the implications of the main ethics of the research (justice, equity, autonomy, beneficence and nonmaleficence).

The projects will be evaluated based on CONEP’s resolutions and criteria, previously analyzed by reporting members of CEP, who issue a report and submit it for consideration in a monthly regular meeting held on the last Tuesday of the month, according to the annual calendar.

When the research has been completed, the researcher should forward the Final Report (model available for download) to CEP-ISC.

Composition of CEP – ISC/UFBA

Coordinator: Mônica de Oliveira Nunes

Deputy Coordinator: Alcione Brasileiro Oliveira Cunha

Standing Members: Adroaldo de Jesus Belens, Adryanna Cardim de Almeida, Delsuc Evangelista Filho, Florisneide Rodrigues Barreto, Lázaro Ribeiro de Souza, Luciana Alves, Susan Martins Pereira and Yukari Figueroa Mise.

Administration Office: Vanessa Santos Vasconcelos – Phone: 71-3283 7419, email: cepisc@ufba.br

Adviser: Diego de Oliveira Cerqueira – Phone: 71-3283 7419, email: cepisc@ufba.br

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