Foto 1: Mauro Akin Nassor/CORREIO / Foto 2: Marina Silva/CORREIO.

This Saturday (27), the newspaper Correio presents a series of special reports with 20 researchers from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) who are among the largest in Brazil. Called “Cérbros da UFBA”, the series is signed by journalist Thaís Borges and highlights productivity scholarship holders 1A from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). In the select group of researchers, two are professors at the Collective Health Institute: Jairnilson Paim and Maurício Barreto.

With 50 years of academic life, Professor Jairnilsom Paim dedicated his career to the study of the Unified Health System, becoming a reference in the area. He is the author of the best-seller “O que é SUS”, published in 2009, with more than 15 thousand copies and seven reprints in just over a decade.

From graduation in Medicine to reaching the highest point of the scientific career at CNPq, the entire trajectory of the professor was linked to UFBA. “Everything I did was at UFBA from UFBA. I didn’t take any courses abroad. I don’t say that out of pride; I speak to express my gratitude. Everything I am and did was for UFBA ”, he told the report.

Jairnilson Paim’s production can be translated into 163 complete articles published in periodicals and 14 published books. In total, there were 33 supervised masters (including ex-rector Naomar de Almeida Filho) and 15 doctors trained.

The series also presents the career of Maurício Barreto, doctor and professor at UFBA for almost four decades. He is a permanent professor in the Postgraduate Program in Collective Health at ISC / UFBA and coordinator of the Center for Data Integration and Knowledge for Health (Cidacs / Fiocruz Bahia). Recently, he was responsible for the creation of the CoVida Network, a scientific production, selection and dissemination project focused on Covid-19.

The report points to the impact of Barreto’s work in the areas of epidemiology and public health worldwide: “from the University of London to Fiocruz Bahia; from the Ministry of Health to the World Health Organization (WHO) ”, highlights the text.

In total, there are more than 500 publications, including books and articles in national and international journals. For him, the prestige in his career also has an important meaning for UFBA. “Prestige is divided with this link. I think the university is very people-based. Of course it has the structure, but one of the most important and central things is the contribution that people make ”, he told Correio.

The reports can also be accessed in the online version of the newspaper through the links below.

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