Dear and dear students of the Graduation in Collective Health

Despite this difficult time, we hope you are well!

Faced with the receipt of some requests to maintain undergraduate classes in the virtual format, we decided to write this clarification letter.

First, we must emphasize that we will follow the deliberations of the UFBA University Council, published on 03/18/2020, which determine that academic and administrative activities be suspended, for an indefinite period, in order to preserve the health of our community. In the same way, we follow the decisions taken by the regular meeting of the ISC Congregation, on 03/16/2020, focused mainly on understanding the need to protect the health of our community.

One of the arguments for not offering disciplines in virtual mode is the fact that our course is in person and that access to virtual environments is not a reality for most of our students, even given the social vulnerability in which they find themselves. In addition, we emphasize that it is a period of instability, not conducive to formal learning and with a high level of demand. We emphasize that students will not be harmed, since the University itself will decide how to restore classes as soon as we return to normal. Reinforce the teaching activities at undergraduate and postgraduate (sensu and stricto sensu) are suspended and that secretaries and administrative sectors of the Institute does not conduct in-person visits.

We also highlight that a large part of our faculty is involved in studies, research and technical cooperation actions with health services and health managers, in addition to solidarity actions with civil society, especially vulnerable communities.

We understand that this is a difficult and tense moment for all of us teachers, students and employees. We believe that it is very important to maintain our networks of contact, support and affection and in that sense we are constructing in a creative and solidary way some possibilities for virtual meeting, with the aim of welcoming and maintaining our bonds, in addition to sharing a set of information that we have been receiving and producing.

We highlight the role of the Observatory of Political Analysis in Health as a space for disseminating important information about the current moment ( ).

We also remember the ISC / UFBA digital communication channels (homepage, e-mails), social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) are active and, as far as possible, will remain updated.

We believe that the most important thing at the moment is that we are safe, with physical and mental health, facing in the best possible way. We also remember that the strengthening of solidarity relations, broad visions and integrated actions – which characterize the central values ​​and contributions of collective health – are even more necessary at this moment when we face a state of emergency of public health. Once again we reiterate that at any time both the faculty and our administrative staff can be requested in a virtual way and is available for any support that may be necessary. Count on us!

With affection and solidarity, we count on the collaboration and understanding of all!

Graduate Collegiate in Collective Health