Unwanted pregnancies, an increase in the number of maternal and child deaths, psychological distress, the search for unsafe abortions and an increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The Covid-19 pandemic can affect the health of millions of Brazilians, creating a public health problem that is not directly linked to the virus. These and other issues are addressed in the seventh Bulletin of Rede CoVida, under the theme “Health and Reproductive Rights in the Covid-19 Scenario”, which will be presented this Wednesday (24), at 11 am.

• Naiá Ortelan – Cidacs / Fiocruz
• Elzo Pereira Jr – Cidacs / Fiocruz

• Flávia Pileco – UFMG
• Aline Rocha – Cidacs / Fiocruz
• Lígia Gabrielli – ISC / Ufba

Link: https://bit.ly/3fS984X