Foto; Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

With information from Maurício de Almeida, from Rádio Nacional

Undoubtedly vaccinating is important, but there are still many questions on the subject. So much so that a survey conducted by the Brazilian immunization society revealed that 67% of respondents had at least one doubt about the topic.

The numbers show that despite the vaccination campaigns, a disinformation epidemic is taking place: 31% of people still feel that the vaccine is not needed, 24% are afraid of side effects, 18% believe they may get the disease and 9% have given up. get vaccinated because of news published on social networks.

The vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations, Isabella Ballalai, says it is necessary to fight false news because the vaccine can be the difference between life and death.

Because of the lack of information about 21 million Brazilians stop receiving vaccines that are essential for health and distributed free of charge through the public health network.