July 25 is the International Day for Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Black Women. In Brazil, the day also honors Tereza de Benguela, a quilombola leader who resisted slavery for two decades.

To mark the date, the Instituto de Saúde Coletiva presents the full video of the campaign “Julho das Pretas no ISC”, a series of special testimonies recorded by teachers and students who give voice to the struggles and conquests of black women.


Joilda Nery – ISC / UFBA professor
Fabiane Soares – ISC / UFBA
doctoral student Gabriela Silva – ISC / UFBA doctoral student
Viviane Silva de Jesus – ISC / UFBA
doctoral student Marília Anjos – ISC / UFBA doctoral student
Idália Oliveira – special postgraduate student graduation from ISC / UFBA
Dandara Ramos – professor at ISC / UFBA


Edition – Egberto Siqueira
Videografismo – Gilson Rabelo