“In the pandemic: occupying schools, protecting people, recreating education” is the theme of ISC at Home this Friday (13th). Our guests are professors Naomar de Almeida Filho (ISC / UFBA), Estela Aquino (ISC / UFBA) and the president of the NGO Avante – Education and Social Mobilization, Maria Thereza Oliva Marcílio. The debate is coordinated by Professor Luis Eugenio de Souza (ISC / UFBA).

The discussion is based on the manifesto “Occupy schools, protect people, recreate education”, signed by 29 entities linked to education in the country. To access the full document, click here .

The virtual seminars are part of the activities of ISC at Home, a project of the Instituto de Saúde Coletiva that aims to bring information to the community during the period of social isolation.