Foto: Lucas Moitinho/ASCOM UFBA

The opening of the event that marked the 25th anniversary celebrations of the UFBA Institute of Collective Health (ISC) , on Friday (04/10), at the Noble Hall of the Rectory, was dedicated to the ceremony of granting the title of Professor Emeritus to academic Maurício Barreto, one of the main articulators in the process of creation of the Institute.

A doctor and professor at UFBA for 35 years, Maurício Barreto is a permanent professor of the Postgraduate Program in Collective Health at ISC / UFBA and coordinator of the Center for Integrating Health Data and Knowledge (Cidacs / Fiocruz Bahia).

The professor’s scientific production can be translated into more than 500 publications, including books and articles in national and international journals. As an author, he is cited in approximately 23,600 scientific papers. A story narrated by Professor Gloria Teixeira, who presented the main works developed by the researcher, such as the use of vitamin A to prevent severe forms of diarrhea in children and the study that pointed to the inefficiency of the second dose of BCG vaccine. “Mauritius is one of the architects of the growth of Brazilian epidemiology,” he said.

Barreto’s career is also shared with his wife Estela Aquino, a professor at ISC / UFBA, who gave a speech in honor of his personal and academic life partner. “This title not only devotes a career of dedication to science, education and the formation of new generations, but the person he is, his ongoing and current struggle for rights and social justice.”

In thanks, the now professor emeritus Mauricio Barreto recalled the performance in the process of creation of the Institute of Collective Health and the maturation of his own academic project and research program within the ISC. “It was at the Institute that I understood the meaning of university, an environment where it is possible to shape, give meaning and articulate the search with the transmission of new knowledge”.

Besides the rector João Carlos Salles, the table of the granting ceremony was composed by the director of ISC, Isabela Cardoso, the professor of ISC Glória Teixeira, the former rector of UFBA and the Federal University of Southern Bahia (UFSB), Naomar de Almeida Filho, the president of Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade, and the Secretary of Health of the State of Bahia, Fábio Vilas-Boas.

During the session, the director Isabela Cardoso highlighted the contribution of Barreto as research leader in the advocacy of the Health Reform and the Unified Health System (SUS). “As an epidemiologist, teacher and great researcher, he has made an outstanding contribution to achieving the level of excellence we have achieved”.