Contribuição foi discutida por cerca de 50 dirigentes e lideranças – Foto: Eduardo Rodrigues

The Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Abrasco) officially launched the document “For the guarantee of the universal right to health in Brazil”, in contribution to the debates of the 16th National Health Conference. The presentation was held last Friday (02), at Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), in Brasília (DF).

About 50 scientific leaders attended the event, which was attended by Professor Luis Eugenio de Souza, graduate coordinator of the Institute of Collective Health of UFBA and president of Abrasco from 2012 to 2015, in addition to Professor Erika Aragão (ISC / UFBA), president of the Brazilian Association of Health Economics (Abres).

During the session, Professor Luis Eugenio presented the guiding axes of the document and highlighted the current situation of the country in the political, economic and also health scenarios. “For us, hope comes around a project, and any national development project that excludes health is insufficient to mobilize the whole of Brazilian society,” he said at the opening.

Luis Eugenio also stressed the need for consolidation of the SUS and overcoming the arm wrestling established between the market and social demands. He also reinforced the resumption of the idea of ​​social security, previously formulated by the Health Movement, in the current scenario. For the professor, the Conference is a privileged moment to discuss projects capable of overcoming differences and achieving unity among the forces that help build the SUS. “These guidelines can feed hope around a new look at development and health that Brazil needs,” he concluded.

The 16th National Health Conference is held in Brasilia until tomorrow (07) and brings together more than four thousand people, with debates on public health policies for the country.

To access the complete document “For the guarantee of the universal right to health in Brazil”, click here.