Have you heard of “serious games”? The term, which can be translated from English as “serious games”, refers to computer games and simulation approaches and / or technologies with more educational purposes, in addition to entertainment. But how to combine this innovative tool with health? The subject will be the theme of the ‘Serious Games e Saúde ”Webinar, promoted by Net-Escola, a project by the UFBA Institute of Collective Health. The session will be held on Tuesday (13), at 10:30 am, through the ISC YouTube channel ( youtube.com/labvideoisc ).

Our guests are Suiane Costa, professor at UNEB, Daiane Zeballos, doctoral student at ISC / UFBA, and Raphael Sande, resident at ISC / UFBA. The discussion will be mediated by Professor Marcele Paim (ISC / UFBA).

The activity includes a series of webinars on topics related to pedagogical practices in digital communication and the current social context.

And you can also watch previous meetings by accessing the videos available on the links below:

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